Saturday, February 27, 2016

Polygamy, Incest & Necrophilia: The Next "Normal"

The LGBT agenda has picked up an unprecedented amount of support - both juridically and socially - in the past 5 years.

The pace at which this movement is advancing can be likened to the Bolshevik uprising or the rise to power of the Nazis.
The method is the same: media propaganda.

- David Bowie
- Boy George
- Freddy Mercury
- Elton John
- Adam Lambert
- Sam Smith

- Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl and I liked It
- Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe
- Lady Gaga, Born This Way
- Sara Bareilles, Brave
- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Same Love

- Neil Patrick Harris
- Sir Ian McKellen
- Ellen DeGeneres
- Jim Parsons
- Jane Lynch
- Ellen Page

- Brokeback Mountain
- Milk
- The Birdcage
- Rent

TV Shows:
- Will & Grace
- Glee
- Modern Family

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These are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are also those powerful buzz words which help the social hypnosis:
Positives: tolerance, coexistence, social justice, freedom, progress, peace, and love
Negatives: bigot, racist, antisemite, intolerant, judgmental, hater, tyrant, radical, etc.
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I have attempted to use logic to help break others out of the trance of false charity and vain human respect, largely to no avail.
The "force is strong" with the evil empire.

Here, let it suffice for me to point out the logical end (or at least next steps) of the warped, liberal mindset...the recognition of which is far from prophetic.

1.) Polygamy

If people are going to support homosexual unions, how can they possibly find grounds to deny polygamous ones?

The push is already happening, examples can be found here, here, and here as examples.

2.) Incest (i.e. sexual relations between kin)

If both parties are consenting adults who are committed to using "protection" or at least willing to have an "emergency abortion" in case of conception, why should this be illegal? 
How can anyone judge? Sometimes siblings develop feelings for one another. Are we going to deny them the love that they feel?

Examples of this raging agenda can be found, among other places, in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

The latter leads to the next one...perhaps most disturbing.

3.) Necrophilia

If you clicked on the Sweden link, you saw it: sex with cadavers.

“You should get to decide what happens to your body after you die, and if it happens to be that someone wants to bequeath their body to a museum or for research, or if they want to bequeath to someone for sex, then it should be okay.”

Other examples of people seriously considering this can be found here and here.

This is really happening.

I brought up ALL of these things within the last few years to people vomiting their support for LGBT all over forums, and they were all CONSISTENTLY disregarded as "entirely different" and "totally unrelated" to homosexual "love."

Across the board those people told me that these things were not the logical end of such ideologies and that they would never support such "clearly immoral and unethical things."

I wish I could find those people today to ask them if they still feel the same.
Probably not.

The deterioration of the social conscience is past the point of no return.

What about some other sickening topics, either present reality or on the horizon?

Assisted suicide: list of states where legal

Cannibalism: here and here ("It's your life and your body. No government should be telling you what you can and can't do with it matter how weird.")

Bestiality? Why not!? Here  and here (the Danes are leaders!)

And then there's this crazy story...a woman who legitimately believes she is a cat.

Nothing is off limits or out of the realm of possibility.

Of course, any reasonable person of right mind and sound judgment can see how unnatural and base these things are.

A man with Catholic sense recognizes the following:

The possibility of sinning is not freedom, but slavery...Even the heathen philosophers clearly recognized this truth, especially they who held that the wise man alone is free; and by the term "wise man" was meant, as is well known, the man trained to live in accordance with his nature, that is, in justice and virtue. (Pope Leo XIII, Libertas Praestantissimum, 1888, #6)
Catholic doctrine tells us that the primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas. (Pope St. Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, 1910)
The world has heard enough of the so-called "rights of man." Let it hear something of the rights of God. (Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus , 1900, #13)
All Christians should think about that eternal life and not this brief one. They should remove from their hearts the desire for pleasures and riches which are the instruments of pleasure. Cast off pride, in which all harmful desires are contained (Pope Clement XIII, A Quo Die, 1758, #11)

I will not bow down to the liberal machine, to the gods of the gentiles.
For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ. - Galatians 1:10
He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God. - Proverbs 17:15

~Pax et Bonum~

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