Monday, May 16, 2016

Welcoming Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Freely Into the Flock

My friend Stephen Kokx recently posted an article on in response to the Brussels
bombings which was short, sweet and insightful.

I'd like to provide some follow up commentary as I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat wondering when, where and how the next major attack will happen.

Let's begin with the end (of Stephen's article):

"Invoking the Gospel to support indiscriminate hospitality is a fallacious sophism for several reasons. First, it is true that there is an order in charity: to help someone by damaging someone else is complete nonsense. Those who rule a society cannot ignore the common good. It is therefore not necessary to welcome masses of people into a society already in crisis. Also, true charity cannot lose sight of the eternal salvation of souls, which you can get only through the Roman Church. The entry of people of other faiths in large numbers does not facilitate their conversion but feeds into an indifference, even if they do not take control of the society and do not impress it with their faith. There is a clear plan behind the entry of Muslims in Europe, which is to give the final blow to what little remains of Christian identity. I do not think that those who govern the Church can ignore a matter so obvious. I can only conclude that they are accomplices." - Fr. Mauro Tranquillo (FSSPX)

"To help someone by damaging someone else is complete nonsense."

This is 100% correct.

Our Lord warned us of false shepherds who come in sheep's clothing - the tactic publicized by the Masons in the Alta Vendita and by the Communists as exposed by Bella Dodd and the book AA-1025.
We know this applies spiritually to heretics & schismatics, but it seems many have forgotten that this is also a very effective tactic of war in the temporal realm, commonly known as the Trojan Horse.

Muslims are allowed to lie to pretend to convert in order to deceive, pacify, and destroy, and that is why a bunch of people were shot up in Paris, why several were blown up in Brussels, and why many more will undoubtedly lose their lives in the months or years to come.
The ease with which this mission is carried out is highly contingent upon how readily the global leaders continue to welcome in these wolves into their flocks.

Many today, blinded by a naive idealism about humanitarian support, believe that kicking the gates off of our fences and exposing a flock to wolves is the best way to save other sheep who are presently being persecuted.
I find it shocking that I have to explain why this a ridiculous opinion.

When a deadly disease is found in a town, the area is quarantined. Both those infected and those exposed are kept in a contained place to prevent the disease from spreading.
Once the perimeter is sealed, brave doctors and other volunteers go into the quarantined area to attempt to vaccinate, treat and save as many as possible.
What they do NOT do is invite all the people who claim not to be sick to run into other towns and potentially infect an even greater population.

Islam is a deadly disease, a poisonous ideology which is rapidly infecting the masses. It takes no prisoners, demands you convert or die.
The Middle East needs to be quarantined.
Missionaries can go risk and give their lives as have millions before to go and try to convert and save their souls.
Soldiers can go risk the same to try to suppress the violence and to eradicate the disease.

Sound familiar? That's what the Crusades were. You know, that demonized, evil effort by the corrupt Catholic Church to conquer the world?


Without the Crusades, what is presently unfolding would have happened centuries ago.

Today it's happening precisely because the Church is leading the effort to take this thing from a localized epidemic to a global pandemic by promoting open borders.

The NUMBER ONE goal of a national government is to protect and safeguard its own people.
Opening the borders is not the solution.
If you want your wife and kids put at risk, pack up and move them to the Middle East to be missionaries and God bless you on your way, for no greater gift is there than to lay down your life for another.
But inviting those who would try to kill you in Iraq or Syria into this country because you think it's the "nice" thing to do is a different story. That puts my wife and child at risk, and as a husband and a father, it's my grave responsibility to take exception with that.

We will remain here in an effort to raise many holy children. Here, at home, where they are presently [somewhat] safe.
We will pray, fast, do penance and live in charity, acknowledging that we alone can do nothing but with God can do all things.
18 years from now, maybe my son will be one of those courageous souls to go risk his life abroad.
Between then and now, I just hope he doesn't have to face that same risk on US soil.

"If it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, you have your for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

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