Thursday, August 22, 2013

George Weigel and Raymond Arroyo Exposed

The caller rightly points out the "Catholic perennial position...of the Kingship of Christ."

Notice how Arroyo just cuts him off and doesn't let him finish.
If I had all the time in the world, I would comb through episode after episode of EWTN Catholic Answers to show the same situation brought up each and every time a caller brings up anything remotely traditional or pre-conciliar.

Just yesterday, Fr. Vincent Serpa cut off a woman calling in asking what to make of her husband going to an "independent priest who says the Latin Mass." The caller was not allowed to clarify what this meant when she said "independent," instead - though it was only 6:52 PM - host Patrick Coffin cut her off and said "we're running out of time. Father what do you have to say to the caller?"
To which he replied, "if he's not in union with Rome, he shouldn't be going. Plain and simple."

He expounded a bit, and then Coffin went on to spout the usual tone of pity for these lost souls (their sentiments) with "an attachment to the extraordinary form of the mass who end up leaving the heart of the Church instead of moving more deeply into her."

So moving back to this clip, Arroyo does just the same saying "I think we've got it, and we've got to move on."

Then whoever this guy that weighs in says "Christ is king but king of us as individuals...any amendment to declare Christ the King would be a retrograde movement."

Then we get to hear from the illustrious Mr. George Weigel.

His explanation, as he slowly mounts up to his growing mockery of the caller, is that "the guys who can't fix the potholes have no right to declare Christ the King."

He is clearly failing to understand that any such declaration, or amendment as the caller put it, would not be of any power of the state at all.
What would be declared is already an irrefutable fact and matter of truth: Christ is King.

Just as our Lord told Pontius Pilate that he would have no power over Him except it be given him from above, and just as Holy Mother Church declares nothing of her own free accord except that which has been infallibly handed down and safeguarded throughout the ages from the complete and entire deposit of the faith (Tradition), the state would not somehow be using its own power or expertise or knowledge to declare Christ the King.

They liken it to the state declaring Muhammad king, which is absurd coming from the lips of a so-called Catholic because Muhammad is not king, Christ is King.

Here the caller was simply repeating the perennial teaching of the Church, and these men - as is so common on EWTN - laugh him to scorn. (Mk 5:40, Lk 8:53)

It seems it would behoove these gentlemen to read the beautiful encyclical Quas Primas by Pope Pius XI on the Social Kingship of Christ (1925).

The Holy Father rightly quotes St. Cyril:
The foundation of this power and dignity of Our Lord is rightly indicated by Cyril of Alexandria. "Christ," he says, "has dominion over all creatures, a dominion not seized by violence nor usurped, but his by essence and by nature."[20] His kingship is founded upon the ineffable hypostatic union. From this it follows not only that Christ is to be adored by angels and men, but that to him as man angels and men are subject, and must recognize his empire; by reason of the hypostatic union Christ has power over all creatures. But a thought that must give us even greater joy and consolation is this that Christ is our King by acquired, as well as by natural right, for he is our Redeemer. Would that they who forget what they have cost their Savior might recall the words: "You were not redeemed with corruptible things, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb unspotted and undefiled."[21] We are no longer our own property, for Christ has purchased us "with a great price";[22] our very bodies are the "members of Christ."

Instead of these men seeing what beauty there would be in such an amendment, such a declaration of the state to all men that Christ is King, they laugh and ridicule the very notion, thereby exposing themselves to be the very iniquitous men described in Romans by elevating the love of so-called democracy and American liberalism over Catholicism!

"Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen." (Rom 1:25)

Imagine being a soldier and being captured by the enemy in the midst of a civil war. They begin to grill you, and they ask you who you serve and who should be in charge.
On the one side, the King you claim to be loyal to...
On their side, the "RULE OF THE PEOPLE" (which is how the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Uprising both took place).
You look at them and say, "I serve the people."

They let you go, but what you didn't know is that they were videotaping you and they mail the tape to the King.
When you get back to him, you're in for a pretty uncomfortable conversation...and probably looking at jail time for treason.

Now imagine standing before the Lord at the time of judgment, particular or general, and trying to explain having done just the same thing.
"But my Lord...I just thought that a country where other people could worship false gods was what you wanted? I thought you wanted everyone to have the 'Right to be Wrong' and to just follow their consciences?"

The only reply that would ever follow is:

These are the very men who have hijacked the princely martyrdom of the heroic St. Thomas More and claimed him as a "patron saint of religious freedom."


St. Thomas More was killed precisely because he would not bow down to the false crown of so-called religious a secular king who had turned to abusing the power given him from above and given in to the prince of this world!

Well, you want proof this is no isolated incident?

It gets better with Mr. Weigel.

This esteemed "Catholic" author and close friend of the late Pope John Paul II comes right out and hides nothing this other clip above, calling 1965 and Dignitatis Humanae the end of a 17 century "Babylonian Captivity" of the Church which began with Constantine.


This is PRECISELY one of the clashing points of the SSPX and other Traditional Catholics with Rome for the last 50 years, that the Church most certainly DID take a new direction with respect to Religious Freedom...and Rome and its officials keep denying any rupture and claiming some kind of hermeneutic of continuity!

But here is George Weigel stating quite plainly that this is not the case, that it was a new direction quite foreign to the almost 2000 year old Church at that time, AND that it was the position, platform and agenda of the aforementioned John Paul II.

When St. Peter denied our Lord during His passion, we read the the cock crowed twice.

That second crow woke Peter up immediately to his shame and abandonment and fulfillment of our Lord's prophecy that he would in fact deny Him.

Here's praying that that same rooster, or one of his great, great, great^1000 ancestors will crow from the microphone of St. Peter's Square so that once and for all Catholics around the world, starting with the ones leading us in Rome, can WAKE UP and right this ship before it goes the way of the Titanic.

~ Pax Domini sit semper Vobiscum

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