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Religious Freedom? How about a Catholic United States instead...

I have written frequently on the subject of religious freedom and the false premise that our USCCB has decided to take following in the footsteps of Second Vatican Council having to now make concessions to Liberalism trying to use Liberalism against itself while Liberalism in the mean time forges ahead trying to remove all marks of the Most Holy Trinity from America.

This push for a "Second Annual Fortnight for Religious Freedom" is, well, bogus.
I have to be blunt.

If you want more information, scroll through my blog or go to or, better yet, just read Libertas by Pope Leo XIII and you will see what the authentic and 2000 year old Catholic teaching is on religious freedom and freedom of conscience, and you will understand why he is exactly right.

Consider that it is precisely because of "religious freedom" that the following are legal:
- Abortion, even full-term abortion (in some states)
- Pornography
- Contraception, including morning after pills
- Sodomy
- Binge drinking (which is a grave sin and leads to drunk driving)
- Marijuana (in some states)
- Assisted Suicide (in some states)
- Immodest dress (bikinis are considered acceptable attire, and overall fashions keep getting worse)
- Divorce and remarriage (infinite times)
- Satanism
- Wicca and witchcraft (which is VERY real)
- All other false religions

Feel free to add to the list and let me know what I have's vast.

Now, nearly fifty years after the "New Springtime Council" ended, the USCCB finds themselves having to capitulate to all of the above on the grounds that we too (Catholics) be able to practice our religion freely...along with all others.

How is it that seemingly nobody can see the problem here?
Being an accessory to sin is a sin in itself, essentially equal to committing the sin. That's part of any good examination of conscience.
In other words, if you see a man beating his wife and do nothing to stop it or report it, you're guilty of it. This is a fundamentally Catholic belief, lest I need to quote the Good Samaritan passage.

So how can we go about our lives professing to be "faithful and orthodox Catholics" when we profess that others should be allowed to do all of those aforementioned grave offenses against God, those which cry to heaven for vengeance, simply on the grounds that we be allowed to "do what we we do" as well?

What horror. What shame. What blasphemy.

Sign me up to be decapitated, scourged, tortured, electrocuted, burned at the stake or even crucified before I will sign my name to affirming that I believe those acts are permissible based on "the innate human dignity" and "freedom of conscience" of others.

Personally, I believe in "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism." In "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church," outside of which there is no salvation.

This is Catholic teaching.
Not the promotion of pluralistic deism (aka freemasonry) sparked by the French Revolution and now turning toward the Bolshevik Revolution.
By the way, remember Our Lady said that Russia would spread her errors around the world if it weren't Consecrated to her Immaculate Heart?
Well 2017 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Communist overthrow of Russia...and look where things are headed.
In four years, the US could be entirely red states...but not Republican, Communist.
And full of the blood of innocents just like the Soviet Union.

So, instead of praying to God in July that "religious freedom" be upheld (a prayer which will not be heard because it is not His will), let us pray that Our Lady's wishes (which are God's wishes) be heard, starting with the Consecration of Russia and the salvation of souls from eternal perdition.

To close, I found this list (credit to Dr. Taylor Marshall) of what we could imagine a Catholic United States to be like.
Read this over, and if you are a baptized Catholic and do not agree that the list below would be infinitely superior to the present state of affairs, you probably should consider abstaining from Holy Communion until time for deeper prayer, contemplation and fasting can take place.

Credit to Taylor Marshall:
  • The newly elected president would recite his oath of office, not only with his hand on the Holy Bible, but kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance held by the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, DC. within the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. In other words, the President would make his oath directly to Christ.
  • January 21, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, would be a perennial day of national penance.
  • Holy Matrimony would be honored and recognized as the most fundamental unit of American culture.
  • Large families would be encouraged and assisted through the US tax code.
  • The White House would no longer have a basketball court or bowling alley, but a glorious and beautiful chapel where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass would be celebrated daily by a presidential Catholic chaplain.
  • Abortion, contraception, sodomy, euthanasia, and divorce would be illegal as these sins are contrary to the natural law. Of course, abused wives would be protected and assisted under law.
  • Public blasphemy and the abuse of the most holy name of Jesus would be forbidden in film, television, and music. Think about it: why is not okay to say the F-word on TV but actors are allowed to mock and blaspheme Jesus? Which is worse, abusing God's name in vain or the F-word?
  • The United States would have the greatest foster care system in the world. 
  • The Catholic Church, not the State, would organize and perform the Seven Corporal Acts of Mercy (feeding the poor, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, etc.)
  • US courtrooms would have both the Ten Commandments and a Crucifix of Christ on the wall to proclaim the Justice of God and the Divine Mercy of God.
  • All Holy Days of Obligation would become federal holidays and Days of Obligation would not be transferred to Sundays since they would become holidays for all citizens. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday would also become nationally recognized holidays.
  • According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, the natural law prescribes that parents, not the State, are primarily responsible for the education of children. Saint Paul says: "And you, fathers...educate your children in the discipline and correction of the Lord.” It is the job of fathers, not the State, to educate. This truth of Saint Paul would be recognized by law and encouraged through homeschooling, educational co-ops, parochial schools, and locally governed public schools on the pattern of subsidiarity. 
  • Mary under her title "Immaculate Conception" is currently the patroness of the United States. She would become featured on our national seal and on our currency.
  • Streets, landmarks, parks, national monument, and our currency would be marked by the names and images of great American saints (St Elizabeth Anne Seton, St Katherine Drexel, St John Neumann, St Francesca S. Cabrini, St Rose Philippine Duchesne, St Damien of Molokai).
  • American foreign policy would conform to Catholic teaching regarding just war and prohibiting global policing and so-called "preventive wars."
  • A cross would be placed on top of the Washington Monument.
  • The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception would be a day in which the American bishops and all the faithful annually consecrated the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • Under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, the United States would become known for its Marian devotion in a way that would rival medieval France and England.
  • The principle of subsidiarity would apply to our economic and political arrangement - which would include things like the encouragement of local natural food, local water, local governance, etc.
  • The sin of usury in form of credit cards, school loans, and other disadvantaging lending policies would be criminalized as contrary to natural law.
  • Our immigration policy would be firm, merciful and just by including a clear and regularized process for citizenship.
  • Pornography and even unwholesome advertisements and billboards would be outlawed.
  • America would be known as a place where the dignity of women, especially motherhood, is celebrated.
  • The bishops nationally or locally could ask civil leaders to appoint certain days as days of national thanksgiving or as days of penance or mourning.
  • The meetings of the Senate and Congress would begin with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and with prayers and benedictions from the clergy.
  • Red Masses invoking the aid of the Holy Spirit would be celebrated regularly to beg prudence for  judges, attorneys, law school professors, students, and government officials.

~ Pax Domimi sit semper Vobiscum

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