Sunday, January 20, 2013

40 Year Anniversary of Free Sex Justification

Okay, this is going to be more of a rant with no editing or concept development because I don't have time today to do that...but I wanted to make sure to share this.

Today we hear often about Right to Life, forty days for life, etc.
This is to combat the abortion culture.
This Tuesday marks the 40 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and Catholics around the country are being called to penance, prayer and fasting.
This is indeed holy and noble and much needed.

But I have been reading a lot about how you cannot cure someone unless you first diagnose the illness.
Abortion, this may come as a surprise to some, is not the illness. It is just a really, really most regrettable symptom.

The illness started a decade before Roe v. Wade with what is known today as the sexual revolution of the 1960's.
Because of Separation of Church and State, and because our government accepts no claim to religion/Christianity/Catholicism but instead operates on the belief that popular majority determines proper morality, abortion is legal. But it is not the only thing legal today:
- Strip clubs
- Pornography
- Nudity in movies
- Rampant sex in television
- Perverse, sex charged music (of all genres, even country to those who think country is some pure, innocent fun loving music...really? How about Shaniah Twain, Honkey Tonk Bdonkah Donk or Faith Hill's "Just Breath" video)
- Sex in magazines (50 Red Hot Sex Tips, 100 Ways to Please your Man in Bed, Make her Crawl Back for More, etc. headline Cosmo, Redbook, Men's Health, etc.)
- Sex in Literature (50 Shades of Grey, literary porn)

Because of this, premarital and disordered sexual activity is at an all time high. Contraception is commonplace, used by almost everyone so that they can live their lives freely promoting their immoral, licentious behavior. Then, and only then, is abortion there to allow them to "have the right to choose" what to do with their bodies...or more specifically, the body of the baby growing within them. Even more specifically, to suck its brains out and throw it in the garbage.

This is the symptom. The cause, the illness, is a perverted, disordered mind. A malformed conscience. A lifestyle dictated by the flesh.

It is indeed noble to go and pray silently outside of the abortion clinic. To pray in adoration for an end to such.
But to only focus on abortion and praying for it to go away is like a person who takes Excedrin to get rid of chronic headaches instead of getting an MRI to diagnose the hidden brain tumor.
The headaches won't go away without healing the tumor.
Abortion won't go away without healing our culture of sex.

Parents. Turn off your televisions in Primetime. Do not allow the wretchedness of Entertainment Tonight to poison your homes just after dinner.
Throw your Redbooks and Cosmos and People magazines into the first available burn barrel and sprinkle your homes with holy water that the Lord may allow the filthy stench of the demons within those pages to be washed clean of your dwelling.
Get rid of any DVD's or CD's which even so much as reference sexual immorality.

The kids in my CCD class this morning were asking me about a number of different things and whether or not they are sins.
I was immediately reminded of a hot trend from the 90's: WWJD.

How have we forgotten to ask ourselves this question? Would you catch Jesus indulging in 50 Shades of Grey? Would Jesus make the popcorn and call over all the girlfriends to religiously tune into the Bachelor? Would Jesus not DVR the football game so that you can fast forward through the filth in the commercials and through the 50 times they go upskirt camera angles for cheerleaders?

Get the sex out of your house. If your family is struggling with fighting, anger, discord, etc...exorcise your home of all evil.
If our families can become holier, then our country and culture can become holier.
If you let your kids run off on the weekends to have sex with their HS boyfriend or girlfriend and just figure "they're old enough to make their own decisions," you will be judged for the loss of their souls.

Let's keep the fight for life going. But let's also attack the source even more. Start lining up with rosaries outside of strip clubs. Petition Congress to outlaw pornography on the grounds of detriment to the well-being of society. Sex kills far more people than guns. Let's get our priorities in order.

Blessed Mother, pray for us.
Jesus, have mercy on us.

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